How to apply?


Fill in and submit the questionnarie via e-mail



Check the suitability of your AI service solution


Check out quality standards

Baseline functional requirements for AI service performance Baseline diagnostic requirements for AI services AGFA DICOM conformance statement

Conclude an agreement

Check technical requirements

Integrate your service with URIS

Calibrate your service on the labeled dataset (retrospective data)

Prospective study analysis


This is the main stage of the Experiment

Your AI service analyses studies in real time

The Research and Practical Clinical Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine Technologies provides for:

  • Diagnostic accuracy evaluation
  • Study audit by expert doctors
  • Analysis of identified discrepancies between the service and doctors
  • Doctors’ feedback collection and analysis


Constant selective monitoring for technical defects is carried out


Apply for a grant in 1 month of work at the main stage of the Experiment.

The amount of payments is determined based on the number of studies analyzed by the AI service. 

Please submit your invoices for payment on a monthly bases.